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MEGA FLEX is a company in constant development

We offer specific solutions to companies in the manufacturing and construction industries, including manpower assistance, industry tasks and specialized services. We fill and complete construction and facility assignments as well as logistics and packaging tasks.

MEGA FLEX would like to hear about your company’s specific needs. We can help you to specify the task, and most likely, we can accomplish more than what you thought was possible.

How can we do that?


A major Danish manufacturing company was faced with a seemingly impossible task. They had a large vault that should have been moved several months ago, but the many doorways that it needed to be moved through were too narrow!

MEGAFLEX offered to “crack the case”.

The vault was located in a room that was too small, but using the right equipment, and the best people we managed to move the vault by carefully removing the entire window from the wall along with some of the brickwork- then using a mobile crane, the vault was lifted out through the window opening and relocated on another floor of the building.

After that, the brickwork was repaired, the window put back into place, and both rooms were cleaned. All of this was done in just one day.
That was ten years ago! Since then that very same company has been a regular customer of ours.

So, what can we do for you?

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