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Information on occupational safety and certification:



Certification provides the proof for what we always do – we get the job done and we do it properly. With certification we are also committed to constantly improving ourselves, and we check every year. Below you can see our certificates.

Quality assurance

We comply with the ISO 9001 standard. It contains detailed guidelines that ensure that tasks are planned and conducted in the fastest, most appropriate, economical, and technically correct manner. The standard ensures that we deliver you the goods we are committed to and that we do it on time.


With the ISO 14001 standard, we follow specific rules so that your tasks are performed with least impact on the environment, and to mitigate any risk of a negative environmental case. We also carry out further steps; for example, running all our machines on environmental diesel and an increasing number of these with particulate filters. In addition, the majority of all the hydraulic oil that we use is biodegradable..

Work environment
We comply with the OHSAS 18001 standard and the Danish Statutory Orders 87 and 923. This ensures that tasks are carried out under the correct working conditions that benefit employees and prevent workplace injuries and delays.
Additionally, we task the hardest work to machines and construction equipment, and we have a comprehensive accident and spill preparedness.

Management policy
The management policy from MEGA FLEX for quality, environment, and safety is our statement regarding the overall objectives that we are committed to achieving. To be certified, it is actually a requirement that we have such a policy and that it is available.