SOCIAL Responsibility? Our MEGA FLEX TEAM ensures it!

We believe in people!

All people are exciting and deserve a place in society. Team MEGA FLEX achieves social responsibility by helping out the citizens that may need an extra boost to get started. How? We help the municipalities to visit where job-ready citizens are. For a number of years we have collaborated with Hillerød municipality, and in 2015 with Halsnæs municipality.
Our success is primarily due to the fact that we make room for everyone. Individual plans are made for each person. It is important for us that each one feels that we listen to their needs and individual challenges.

With us, people are not just a number!

We spend time talking to them, and most importantly, listening. This gives them the desire to return to employment, to the extent that the individual is ready.
We find suitable work tasks for each person. Our network of customers in our regular staffing business provides the basis for these tasks.

We make them to feel like part of a community!

Often it’s a new thing in their lives. For example, we give them the same workwear as all other staff in MEGA FLEX. We want them to feel like part of the business. In addition, they have free access to kitchen and canteen with among other things, free coffee and tea on equal terms with our salaried and hourly paid employees.

We do it because we’re passionate to find the potential of the individual!

For more than 25 years, MEGA FLEX has felt a social responsibility. We want to show all citizens that every person means something and has a place in society – no matter what baggage you have. They must feel seen and accepted. It is the first step that they again see themselves as important individuals contributing to the community.

How it is done in practice,
we would really like to tell you more about!