Flexibility is our core business – what’s Yours?

We are the right choice when you need labour. That’s what we do!

Most companies experience peaks and lows in their manpower need. If your company suddenly gets a special order, which requires more hands, then MEGA FLEX can be your solution. We step in with short notice, and provide the workers you need.
You can hire on contract, hourly basis, or joined offer – a wide choice to support your needs. You can adjust, increase or reduce your workforce according to the situation. Your company becomes more flexible without being bound to fixed costs such as salaries or expensive equipment.

Let MEGA FLEX cut the top off your workload. Then you do not need to hire or fire all the time.

No matter if, the matter concerns the need for skilled workforce, searching for a single specific candidate, project coordination or the need for a specific number of workers or whole departments – we are prepared to suit your needs. Use us on an hourly basis, unit prices or fixed prices.


Our primary business are:

  • Construction and Landscaping
  • Welding
  • Electric installation
  • Industrial services
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Oversight
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

You can hire workforce or ask us to recruit workers for you company or you can do it like ”Try & Hire”.

OUTSOURCING – with or without management

Outsourcing of parts or whole departments can be the perfect solution for Your Company. Do you need management as well? Should we manage the production and the quality control? It is up to you and Your Company!

PICTURE GALLERY – Frederiksværk Stålvalseværk


MEGA FLEX A/S provides experienced personnel to the many different areas of handling special cruise calls at harbor – for all the manual tasks that require an extra hand fast!

We can provide stevedores, for example, that can assist with:

  • Baggage handling
  • Provisioning
  • Anchor and anchor chain changes
  • Truck and crane driving, loading and unloading containers and trucks
  • Cleaning and cleanup
  • Security


All our stevedores are ISPS trained and certified!

  • We are nationwide and able to come on short notice
  • We come with a wide range of trucks, manual and electric pallet trucks, and conveyers
  • You only have the personnel costs for the exact hours and days that are needed
  • You don’t have to think of administration costs for salaries, ATP, holiday pay or safety equipment, etc. We do all of that!

We always adapt ourselves to the customer’s needs and solve bottleneck problems with a crew that is flexible, focused and committed.

So, if you are in need of a temporary worker or just an extra hand, or if you’d like more information or a quote, you are always welcome to contact us.

PICTURE GALLERY – service for Cruise Ships

PICTURE GALLERY – port work for Blue Water Shipping


MEGA FLEX has experienced manpower assistance for many different areas in connection with events, exhibitions, theater and concerts – for all the manual tasks that will need a few extra hands!

We provide Stagehands, for example, that can help in setting up and dismantling of all gear and tasks related to:

  • All gear
  • Sets
  • Tents and pavilions
  • Scenes
  • Light and Sound equipment
  • Tables, chairs and bleachers
  • Cleaning

Advantages of using MEGA FLEX A/S

  • We are nationwide.
  • We offer our assistance at very short notice.
  • You only have the costs of workers for exactly the hours and days that are needed.
  • You don’t have to think of the administration of wages, ATP, holiday pay or safety equipment, and the like. We do all of that for you!

We always adapt to the customer’s needs and workflow demands with a flexible crew; targeted and engaged.

So, if you need an extra hand and want more information or a free quotation, you are always welcome to contact us.

In need of manpower and agency staff? Please contact MEGA FLEX A/S:

+45 47 77 09 57 – info@megaflex.dk