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Flexibility is our main area - what is yours?

Since 1990, MEGA FLEX has been providing exactly the extras our customers demand. For over 30 years, our goal has been to respond at short notice when the need arises. The means has been a combination of flexibility, competence and professional strength.

For most, the need for skilled labour fluctuates. We can always step in at short notice when you need a temporary worker or other manpower.

MEGA FLEX offers professional and committed employees for many types of tasks.

You can adjust – increase or decrease – your needs and staffing. With recruitment through MEGA FLEX, your business becomes flexible without being tied to fixed salaries and equipment. Let MEGA FLEX take some of the workload so you avoid hiring and firing all the time.

You can use us on an hourly basis, on unit prices, on fixed price contracts including participation in sub-projects. Whether it’s recruiting skilled labor, project management, or just a few employees or entire departments – domestic or international – we’re prepared.